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24″ x 30″ Nagado Daiko Chu daiko

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About Our Nagado Daiko (Chu daiko)
Exquisitely hand-crafted from beginning to end, our nagado daiko will last a lifetime. Nagado Daiko FAQ Nagado Daiko is perhaps the most famous taiko drum. The taiko drum that almost everyone pictures when thinking of Japanese taiko. The nagado drumheads are attached directly to the body using large heavy duty tacks. The nagado daiko drums are divided into three general categories based on their relative size. Kodaiko – Less than 12 inches in diameter Chudaiko – The medium most common size, and generally the size used most often in performances. Odaiko - The largest of the three often played on a horizontal stand by two players simultaneously. Click here to read about how our taiko drums are made.